Third Party Only Motorbike Insurance Coverage

Third party only motorbike insurance coverage allows you to ride your scooter, sports bike or tourer legally in the UK without the higher premiums of more extensive cover. If you are on a tight budget and you don't need full motorbike comprehensive cover, third party only motorbike insurance coverage may give you all the financial security you require. Compare quotes from several of the top providers to learn more about the costs, features and benefits of third party only motorbike insurance.

If you purchase a motorbike on a loan, your lender will require that you carry comprehensive motorbike insurance until you've finished paying for the bike and own the vehicle outright. However, if you own your bike and you aren't bothered by dents and dings, third party only motorbike insurance coverage is a much cheaper alternative. With internet access at your desk or on your laptop, you can quickly evaluate the costs of several policies online to find the product that's best suited to you and your bike.

Third Party Only Insurance Costs

Third party only motorbike insurance coverage is generally the cheapest cover on the market, protecting you against the financial consequences of an accident. If you cause damage to another vehicle or injure other motorists or passengers when you're riding, this basic level of protection compensates the other individuals for their losses. As an added option, a third party policy may provide coverage for your legal expenses if you are pursued for compensation.

Third party only motorbike insurance coverage is highly affordable -- a great advantage if you don't have a lot of extra cash and you're trying to cut costs wherever you can. Third party only cover, in combination with an inexpensive, low powered bike, can greatly reduce the costs of transport. You can lower your costs even further by achieving a no claims bonus. A no claims discount is your reward for riding for an entire policy period without making any claims.

Paying a voluntary excess or paying for your policy in a lump sum each year will help you achieve lower premiums. You may also lower the costs of cover by combining your protection with other riders who are registered at your address. Combining your third party only motorbike insurance coverage with other policies through the same provider will minimise your expenses, as well.

Restrictions of Coverage

When you purchase a third party only policy, bear in mind that this level of protection does not insure motorbikes against accidental damages, fire or theft. If your motorbike must be repaired after an accident, you will be financially responsible for the costs. Third party only motorbike insurance coverage also will not pay out to compensate you if your vehicle is stolen. For coverage that offers security against these hazards, you must purchase fire and theft protection or a comprehensive insurance policy.

If you carry passengers on your motorbike, third party only motorbike insurance coverage will not compensate your passengers if they are injured or suffer property losses. However, a passenger may purchase coverage through his or her automobile policy. Some comprehensive policies offer the option to include cover for passengers, but you will pay higher premiums for this protection.

Third Party Only Insurance Rates

Insurers consider a number of important details when determining your motorbike insurance rates. Your age and gender, your postcode, the type of vehicle you ride and the frequency of use contribute to your rates for coverage. If you use your vehicle to commute to work, you may pay higher rates because of the additional mileage. if you ride only now and then for pleasure or travel, however, your rates may be considerably lower. Large, high powered motorbikes are more costly to insure than small, low powered vehicles.

Age is an important factor in determining how much you will pay for coverage. Riders under the age of 25 have higher rates, in general, because this age group has a higher incidence of accidents. Even after passing Compulsory Basic Training and the theory and practical tests to qualify for a full licence, young riders must typically pay more for their policies. However, you may reduce your costs through a no claims discount if you ride safely and avoid incidents.

Third party only motorbike insurance coverage is perfectly adequate for many riders. Despite the best marketing efforts of the leading insurers, a basic product offers all of the features that many motorists require. When your contract with your provider comes up for renewal, you always have the option to advance to a more comprehensive product, if you choose. Compare quotes from a number of the leading insurers to make sure you are getting the maximum value for the least amount of money.

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