Short Term Motorbike Insurance

Please note that the quote system available on this site does not cater for short term motorbike insurance. Short term motorbike insurance is available from companies that insure all types of motor vehicles, or from providers that specialise in insuring motorbikes. When you're looking for a policy to cover a motorbike for a few days or weeks, or even for just a few hours, short term motorbike insurance may suit your requirements. Short term cover offers financial security and peace of mind without the hassle of applying for a permanent motorbike insurance policy.

There's no need to make a financial commitment to an insurance provider for the sake of protecting a bike that you're borrowing from a friend or hiring for a holiday. Some insurance companies know that in order to keep up with your fast-paced life, they have to provide cover that lets you jump on a bike and dash off for a weekend, whilst meeting the requirements for driving legally in the UK. Compare policies from several providers who specialise in temporary cover for motorbikes.

Duration of Short Term Cover

A short term motorbike insurance policy can insure a vehicle for 1 to 28 days. Short term cover is perfect for those times when you need motorbike insurance to test drive that tourer you've had your eye on, borrow a friend's moped for a week or hire a motorbike for business or holiday travel. Even if you'll only be using a motor vehicle for an hour or two, you are legally required to carry temporary motorbike coverage. Insuring your vehicle can prevent severe financial losses if you're involved in an accident or seriously injured.

The Driving Standards Agency takes uninsured driving very seriously, and driving without short term motorbike insurance could cost you fines and penalty points on your driving licence. To avoid these penalties and other legal action, secure temporary coverage whenever you ride a bike that's not covered under your permanent policy. Getting quotes and applying for protection online is far easier and more affordable than facing the consequences of driving without short term motorbike insurance.

An insurer may limit the total amount of short term protection you can buy to 28 days per year. If you need additional coverage, you may be required to invest in a permanent policy. You may be able to extend your temporary coverage beyond 28 days with a pay as you go policy that lets you pay for your coverage on a day by day basis. However, these policies are more expensive than yearly plans, and your premiums may end up costing you a considerable amount of money.

Extent of Short Term Protection

In general, short term motorbike insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage for the bike that you're riding. Comprehensive protection meets your legal requirements for third party coverage, which compensates other drivers or passengers who are injured in an accident in which you are at fault. Comprehensive policies also pay for damages to your bike in an accident or fire, or for replacement if your bike is stolen and cannot be recovered.

A comprehensive plan may pay for your legal expenses if you're at fault in an accident, or for medical expenses if you are injured. Optional breakdown assistance and roadside recovery may be available at an additional cost. The options and features that you have to choose from may vary according to your insurer and the extent of your protection. Some policies allow you to add another rider, but you must contact your insurance company first, and the rider must be properly licenced to operate a motor vehicle in this category.

Short Term Motorbike Quotes

Gathering quotes on short term motorbike insurance is fast and convenient when you use online search tools. With internet access at your fingertips, you can compare quotes from multiple providers in just minutes without delaying your plans. Once you've found affordable short term motorbike insurance, you can apply online and can generally be approved very quickly.

In order to qualify, you must meet the age requirements -- 21 years old for most companies, 23 for some providers -- and you must have the proper licence. After you've been approved, you can often print out your certificate and schedule online immediately and be on your way. Riding will be far more enjoyable and relaxing when you know that you're protected financially against third party claims or accidental damages to your motor vehicle.

Short term motorbike insurance allows you to travel spontaneously and legally without costing you time and a lot of extra cash. Take advantage of this convenient service whenever you need to get away for a few days or try one of the new motorbikes on the market. You'll have more fun and greater peace of mind when you've met your legal requirements and you don't have to worry about the potential liabilities of driving without proper protection.

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