One Day Motorbike Insurance

One day motorbike insurance can be the answer to your prayers if you have the opportunity to ride a motorbike -- and the necessary driving licence -- but you don't own a bike or have your own permanent cover. If a friend lets you ride his motorbike for the day, you are required to carry coverage. Although this legal requirement may seem unreasonable, one day motorbike insurance allows you to drive safely without risking the financial consequences of an accident.

It's easy to find short term motorbike insurance providers who offer one day motorbike insurance when you use the internet as your guide. When you're in a hurry to dash off on and travel with the wind in your face, you don't have time to phone around to agents or fill out lengthy paperwork. Compare quotes for a one day policy online and find a provider offering low rates within minutes.

Benefits of Short Term Coverage

Driving uninsured is a serious offence in the UK. Legal action will be taken if you are caught driving without proper insurance, even for a day. You can receive fines and penalty points on your licence if you do not carry a minimum amount of third party cover at all times. Third party policies compensate other drivers or passengers who are injured or suffer a loss of property in an accident that's determined to be your fault. Like any other type of motor vehicle, a motorbike requires a specific type of driving licence in order to ride legally for the day.

If you don't own a motorbike, you probably don't carry motorbike insurance. You may need one day motorbike insurance if you hire a bike or borrow a scooter or moped from a friend. Even if you own a bike, but you're test driving a new one, you need one day motorbike insurance to cover that period of time. Each bike you ride must carry its own cover. With temporary protection, you can ride legally without making any long term financial commitments.

One day motorbike insurance gives you the freedom to take a short holiday or try out a friend's Harley or Ducati without violating any laws or putting yourself at risk of fines and penalty points on your driving licence. Most short term policies last from 1 day to 28 days and allow you to extend your protection if you need to ride the bike for a longer period of time. If you're at least 21 years old, or 23 in some cases, and you meet an insurer's requirements, you can qualify for one day motorbike insurance.

Applying for a Temporary Policy

Applying for short term cover for motorbikes is similar to applying for short term car policies. Many providers give you the option to apply for online, which gives you increased flexibility if you need to change your arrangements at the last minute. You may fall in love with a friend's tourer after riding it for a few hours and decide that you must extend your protection for a few more days.

Once you've completed an application, you will generally be approved very quickly. The motor insurance industry is highly competitive, and companies are eager to have your business. Unless you have a soiled driving record or another complication that delays the process, you may be covered very soon after applying.

Even if you're in a rush to set off on holiday or business, it's worth your time to compare rates from more than one insurance company before you settle on a one day policy. Like any other type of insurance, one day motorbike insurance rates vary from one provider to another. The quote you receive from one company may be significantly higher than the quote you receive from a competitor. Comparison shopping might save you a bit of cash, so you'll have more left over for your trip.

Comprehensive Motorbike Protection

Most short term policies provide comprehensive coverage, which protects your bike against accidental damage if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle or if you otherwise damage the scooter, moped or tourer. Your comprehensive policy also covers theft or fire. Comprehensive coverage is the safest measure when you're using a motor vehicle temporarily, so that you're not held responsible for any damages that might occur when you're riding unfamiliar motorbikes.

If you've earned a no claims bonus with another vehicle, you generally don't have to worry about losing your discount if you have to make a claim on your short term policy. Your no claims bonus applies to each vehicle separately, so even if you have an accident, your discount should be safe. One day motorbike insurance offers flexibility and freedom. You'll appreciate the security of being covered without any further financial obligations.

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