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Motorbike insurance coverage gives you the financial protection you need to relax and enjoy the experience of motorbike travel. Whether you're taking a spin on a tourer or darting through city centre on your scooter, you can rest assured that you have the cover required to drive safely and legally. Use the speed and convenience of internet technology to compare quotes from multiple providers online to find the cheapest coverage for the type of bike you ride.

The motorbike insurance market is highly competitive, with many insurers offering a cheap policy in an effort to have your business. Take advantage of this favourable economic climate to find quality motorbike insurance coverage at prices that won't stretch your budget. The more comprehensive your protection, the more peace of mind you'll have about riding this valuable asset in any traffic conditions.

Legal Requirements for Riders

Motorbike insurance is a legal requirement in the UK if you operate one of these vehicles. Riding uninsured could result in large fines and penalty points on your driving licence. If you are a newly qualified rider, riding without motorbike insurance coverage could jeopardise the freedom you enjoy on your bike. If you reach 6 or more penalty points on your licence during the first two years after you've qualified, your privileges may be revoked until you've passed the theory and practical tests again.

At the age of 17, you may earn a provisional licence by completing the Compulsory Basic Training, or CBT, class. CBT teaches new riders the skills they need to maneuver and maintain a motorcycle. Passing the CBT gives you the right to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc for a maximum of 2 years until you've completed the theory and practical tests. After passing the theory and practical tests, you may qualify for a full licence.

To meet the minimum legal requirements for motorbike insurance coverage, you must carry basic third party protection. If you cause an accident, third party coverage pays out to compensate other individuals for injuries or property loss. For instance, if you were to collide with another vehicle, third party motorbike insurance coverage would pay out to repair any damages to that vehicle. Depending on the extent of your coverage, your third party motorbike insurance might cover your legal expenses, as well.

Costs of Motorbike Coverage

One of the greatest advantages of riding a bike instead of driving a car is the money you can save. Motorbikes are cheaper by far to purchase, and riders save money on the cost of fuel. You can also cut costs when it comes to parking your bike or having it repaired.

In addition, the cost of coverage for motorbikes is generally much cheaper than the cost of insuring automobiles. Because cars are much larger, heavier vehicles, they are capable of causing more severe injuries and more extensive damages than motorcycles. Although your risk of being injured as a motorbike rider are much higher, your potential to cause harm in an accident is reduced.

When you apply for motorcycle insurance, a provider will use a number of criteria to determine the cost of your coverage. Your age, your postcode, the length of time you've had a full licence, the size of your vehicle and how often you ride, the purpose of your motorcycle and whether you will carry passengers are taken into consideration. Younger riders and newly qualified riders generally have higher rates than older, more experienced motorists.

Comprehensive motorbike insurance coverage is more costly than basic third party protection or third party, fire and theft. A comprehensive policy insures your property against accidental damages and pays out to replace your investment if it's stolen. Although a comprehensive policy is more expensive, many riders find that this level of financial security affords them greater peace of mind.

Minimising Bike Insurance Costs

Although motorbike insurance coverage is typically cheaper than cover for automobiles, you can get the cost of your policy down even further by taking certain measures to protect your vehicle and maintain a clean driving record. By parking in a secured garage at night, you may reduce your risk of theft and achieve lower insurance premiums. You may also lower the costs of your policy by paying a voluntary excess or paying annually for your protection instead of monthly.

Because motorbike insurance coverage for a low powered bike with a smaller engine is cheaper than cover for a larger, faster motorcycle, you can save money by starting out with a less powerful vehicle. As time goes on and you establish a safe record, you will qualify for a no claims bonus that allows you to claim a discount on your cover. Shopping around for quotes to find the cheapest motorbike insurance coverage remains one of the most effective strategies for finding the cheapest quality policy on the market.

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