Where Can I Get my Classic Bike Repaired?

Older or classic bikes can sometimes require the attention of a mechanic with specialist knowledge, which can make riding bikes harder than driving cars. Generally, a decent garage should be able to take care of any basic problems you have with your classic bike, but may not be able to source any parts needed to sort out some problems. You can take the risk of taking your bike to a normal garage that does not specialise in classic bikes, but you may find that you run into problems, even if the mechanic you use is somebody who has worked for you before that you trust. You may decide that it will be worth the extra time to find somebody who knows just what they're doing - somebody who has worked on your make and model of bike before. If your bike is particularly rare, you won't want to take any chances. If your mechanic makes a mistake and causes more damage to your bike, you would probably have no trouble getting financial compensation for any error, but if you have a bike that is practically irreplaceable, this may not be something you would be happy with.

Do your Research

It may well be the case that you know a good garage that deals with rare and classic bikes. This will not automatically mean it will be able to source parts for your bike or rectify any problems you have with it. Make sure that any garage or independent mechanic has worked on a similar bike and knows exactly what he or she is doing before you book your classic bike in for repair. If you don't have a specialist garage or mechanic close to you, there will be little choice but to look further afield if you don't want to chance it.

If you're a member of any forums of clubs that are dedicated to the type of bike you own, ask your fellow enthusiasts if they know of a good mechanic that may be able to help you. If you're part of a big network, you should be able to find somebody that knows someone. If you draw a blank here, it might be worth getting in contact with the manufacturer of your bike if it is still trading. If your bike is very old or rare, this may not be possible. If your bike's maker is still in business, it may be able to recommend an authorised garage that specialises in the type of bike you have. It will be worth a try.

Searching the internet may also lead you to a mechanic that will be able to help you, but this may involve you paying to have your bike shipped to another part of the country to be repaired. There's a good chance that any mechanic with specialist knowledge of your bike might not live round the corner from you. In fact, it will be pretty unlikely unless you are very lucky. Shipping your bike to another part of the country will not be cheap, but if you were involved in an accident that your insurer will cover, you may be able to get a payout.

If your bike is insured with a company that specialises in cover for old and classic bikes, it may be able to help you find an appropriate classic bike repair mechanic. Call the customer service department of your insurer to see if it has any recommendations. If you do not have your bike covered by a specialist classic bike cover firm, you might want to consider using an insurance quote comparison service to find one.

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