Is It Safe to Drive Fast on Country-side Roads?

Taking your bike out for a spin on country roads on a beautiful summer's can be one of the best things about owning a motorcycle. You can enjoy the scenery, explore the countryside, and perhaps stop off at a pleasant country pub as part of your trip - as long as you don't drink that is. If you've only just started riding a bike though, you will need to be aware that riding on country roads is a lot different to riding on larger roads. You'll need to take a completely different approach to how you ride and handle your bike. For a start, like when late night bike riding, you won't be able to travel as swiftly as you perhaps would on other roads.

Why so Slow?

There are a number of reasons that you will have to watch your speed when riding on country back roads. For a start, country roads are usually not as well maintained as more frequently-used main roads and dual carriageways. You'll typically find that the surfaces of country roads are lot less smooth than roads that carry more traffic. As such, you'll be likely to come across more imperfections like potholes that could cause you to have an accident if you're travelling at speed. Staying within the speed limit of the road you're travelling on and keeping an eye on the road surface will help you stay safe and avoid hitting any imperfections in the road awkwardly.

Country roads also tend to feature more bends and curves than other busier roads. Anybody that rides a bike will know that you need to approach bends with care. If you're coming up against multiple bends in the road one after another, it will be particularly important to keep an eye on your speed. There's also the fact that you won't know what's coming the other way. As most country roads do not have any markings on them and some are not wide enough to accommodate two vehicles - even if one is a motorcycle - it will be important that you approach a bend slowly and keep to the outside of the road. If you're travelling too fast, you will have less time to react if another vehicle is approaching you in the middle of the road.

You should pay particular attention to your speed when travelling on country roads in adverse weather conditions or at night. Poor visibility or bad driving conditions can exacerbate the problems that country roads can cause. If the weather is particularly bad, try to find another route that avoids using country back roads - even if it takes you a little longer. Generally, country roads will be more hazardous to drive on if they are snowy or icy - more so than busier roads in fact. As well as the fact that back roads are not gritted as frequently as main roads, if at all, the weight of traffic on busier highways will clear any hazards over time and create a safer driving or riding line.

If you are planning to ride your bike on country roads, make sure that you have a full tank of petrol and are travelling with a charged mobile phone. You won't want to run out of fuel or breakdown with no means of contacting anybody when you're in the middle of nowhere. Take extra care if you're unfamiliar with the route you travelling on; the twists and turns of some country roads can be particularly dangerous if you don't know them. If you ride carefully, a safe trip down country roads can be very pleasant indeed.

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