Comprehensive Motorbike Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive motorbike insurance coverage is the most extensive cover on the market -- and the most costly level of protection you can buy. A comprehensive motorbike insurance policy pays compensation if your bike is damaged in an accident, ruined by a fire or explosion or stolen. In addition, comprehensive motorbike insurance coverage includes the basic third party protection required by law, which protects you financially against claims made by other individuals if you are at fault in an accident.

Many insurance companies promote comprehensive motorbike insurance coverage as the most valuable policy available, and in fact, comprehensive coverage does provide the maximum financial support for motorbike riders. However, if you own an older motorbike that isn't worth much on the market, comprehensive motorbike insurance coverage may represent an unnecessary expense. Before you invest in any policy, consider your financial resources and your specific requirements and compare quotes from several of the top providers.

Comparing Levels of Coverage

Third party only protection is the most basic level of cover, and the only cover that's required by law in the UK. To ride legally, you must have enough insurance coverage to compensate other motorists or passengers who are injured or suffer a loss of property in an accident that's determined to be your fault. Without a minimum of third party cover, you will face penalty points on your driving licence and large fines if you are caught. You may also be held liable for financial damages incurred by injured parties if you cause an accident.

Third party coverage does not pay out for repairs if your bike is damaged in an accident or fire, or if you are the victim of a theft. This basic level of cover does not compensate you for your costs if you are injured, nor does it cover a passenger. If you have a third party policy, your passengers may purchase their own coverage through their car insurance company.

Third party fire and theft is a more advanced product that provides benefits if your bike is damaged by flame, lightning or an explosion, or if your bike is stolen. Fire and theft policies are more costly than third party only protection. However, a fire and theft policy is cheaper than comprehensive motorbike insurance coverage.

Comprehensive motorbike insurance coverage is the only product that includes benefits to repair your bike if you are involved in an accident. Comprehensive policies are generally required by lenders if you purchase a new bike on a loan. After you've paid for your vehicle, you may switch to a less comprehensive product. Although you will lose the numerous benefits that comprehensive policies provide, you will reduce the cost of insuring your vehicle.

Optional Motorbike Extras

Riding motorbikes can be a risky proposition, as all serious riders know. Because you travel on a smaller vehicle in the open air, you face a far greater chance of injury than the driver of an automobile. For this reason, many riders choose to expand their comprehensive motorbike insurance coverage with personal accident protection. This option covers the cost of serious injury, including the loss of a limb, sight, speech or hearing. In the event of the death of the insured, this option may also pay a sum to the survivors.

Comprehensive motorbike insurance coverage does not include breakdown coverage. However, you may add this feature to a standard product in order to pay for towing or other expenses if your vehicle breaks down on the roads or motorways. Some options may include the use of a replacement vehicle whilst your own is being repaired. Options are also available to provide for legal expenses and to insure your helmet, leathers or other gear if these items are damaged or stolen.

Motorbike Insurance Discounts

Comprehensive products can be more costly than less inclusive counterparts. However, that doesn't mean these products must cost a fortune. Take advantage of any opportunities to claim a discount on your premiums, such as your no claims bonus, or a discount for carrying multiple policies through the same provider. Protecting your vehicle by housing it in a secured garage can help you minimise the cost of covering this important asset. You may also achieve lower premiums by paying a voluntary excess or paying your premium as a single, annual sum.

To find comprehensive motorbike insurance coverage that doesn't cost the earth, request online quotes from a number of trusted motorbike insurance providers. Although you can buy these products from auto insurers, these companies may not be as understanding as specialist providers who know all about the needs and risks of riders. For the lowest rates and the cheapest premiums, use the free request form on our site to obtain information about features, premiums and benefits from companies that truly appreciate motorbikes.

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