Adjusting Motorbike Mirrors

Adjusting motorbike mirrors is usually pretty self explanatory, though some motorbikes will have different systems you need to use when you adjust a mirror on your bike. It is also worth noting that you should never attempt to adjust your motorbike mirrors when you are in mid drive. If you are on a motorway or a curvy road and you are finding it difficult to see out of one of your mirrors, you should always make sure that you pull over to the side of the road when you adjust a mirror. In fact, it is always best to keep your eyes on the roads, especially on a motorway, when you are driving a motorbike, so try to keep distractions to a minimum when on your full throttle machine.

Electric Mirrors

Most manual mirrors on bikes will usually have some kind of manual plastic tool which you can manoeuvre in different directions until you get the right tilt on your mirror. Never put the mirror in an awkward position so you cannot see anything, and never put it too far away from your motorbike. You want to be able to see parts of your motorbike in the mirror and some of the road, so you can make a good judgement in regards to where your motorbike is in relation to the road of which you are driving on. Make sure that you can see all of the things you are supposed to see, and that you feel comfortable when you look in your mirror, if you do not, this is usually a tell tale sign that it needs adjusting.

If you own a modern motorbike you may have a mirror that adjusts electronically. Some motorbikes have default or factory settings which can put your mirror in certain positions designed to help you see at certain angels when riding your motorbike. Often it is best to manually adjust your own mirror, even if you do have an electronic mirror system, because people ride at different heights and sit in different positions on their motorbikes. A comfortable mirror view for one rider, may be a completely wrong mirror view for another rider, so it is important to experiment and see what suits you before you start shooting off along those busy roads.

When to Look

When you have adjusted your mirror it should not be something that you glance at all the time to check what is behind you, but rather something that you can have just outside of your main point of focus, so you are aware of what is behind you. You should not need to fully focus on it most of the time, because you will be able to know if something is coming up to you merely by glancing over in that general direction. A mirror is something that you should respect because it is a vital tool when avoiding accidents, so make sure that you spend plenty of time getting the setting pitch perfect before you glide off into the sunset.

Some people like to look into their mirror because it reassures them that they are safe on the roads and in a good position. However, make sure that you are not too eager to look in your mirror because this can detract you from looking at the road ahead of you and your vehicle. Adjusting motorbike mirrors is easy, whether you have an up to date electronic system or an old fashioned manual system. It is important that you get it right by adjusting and experimenting with settings before you get on your bike.

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